A Talk: Conserving Theban tomb paintings

On Thursday 29th March, we welcomed Bianca Madden and the Oxford Conservator’s Group to OCC and the Chantry Library. Bianca gave a great talk on her work with Theban tomb paintings, exploring the technical challenges and ethical dilemmas of the conservation treatments. Using the Tomb of Sennefer as a case study, the talk was a fascinating insight into wall painting conservation and the strengths and weaknesses of international collaboration.

Bianca Madden at OCC for OCG

Check out more about the project and Bianca’s work at biancamadden.com.

Thanks also to the Oxford Conservators group for organising the event, you can find out more about the group here: oxfordconservatorsgroup.wordpress.com and on twitter at @oxcongroup.

Interested in finding out more about wall painting conservation? Here’s something off the Chantry shelves:

Conserving the Painted Past
Gowing, Robert Conserving the Painted Past (2003: London)

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