New Books!

The Chantry Library has received two books of interest to Japanese and Italian speakers. Yuri Nomura has sent her book ‘Books and Bookbinding’ or Syomotsu to Seihonjyutsu–Reliure/Toji no Bunkashi, just published in Tokyo by Misuzu Shobou. And Marco Curione has donated a copy of I “CODICI” venuti dal Mare, an interesting collection of essays revealing various aspects of the history and materiality of two exceptional codices found by fishermen at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea near the island of Pantelleria, Sicily.

The Chantry Library Blog

Welcome to Chantry’s new librarian, Mastan Ebtehaj who will start Wednesday January 18th 2017.  Until recently, Mastan was the librarian in charge at the Middle East Centre Library at St Antony’s College, Oxford. She brings experience in developing library strategy to provide services for users and in developing and maintaining a specialised collection. Mastan will be working on Wednesdays from 9.30-4.30 during the University of Oxford term, all dates are listed on the Chantry website. We would also like to thank Valérie Beautemps, librarian from mid July, for her work in re-establishing the library and reopening for readers. Best wishes to Valerie on her move back to Brussels!

Please note the Library will be closed from 17 December to 17 January 2017.