Today is the last day for our fantastic library volunteer, Cathrin Wieduwild. Cathrin took a break from her studies and has been in Oxford for the past two years. She is now returning to Germany to finish her MA in painting conservation. Cathrin has been involved in making sure the Chantry book collection has bookplates, bar codes, and is properly labelled – she leaves the library in tip top shape! Many thanks, Cathrin, and we hope your studies go well!

Cathrin Wieduwild

Enthroned Prince Reading


In 2000, Judith’s mother, Bobbie, presented to the Ashmolean Museum this illuminated page from the late-sixteenth/early-seventeenth-century work, The Wonders of Creation and the Oddities of Existence, by Zakariya ibn Muhammad al-Qazwini, from her daughter’s estate. Judith worked as a paper conservator at the Ashmolean for 24 years.




Pinniger for Chantry blogpost
David Pinniger, Jane Eagan, and Alex Walker (Preventive Conservator, Bodleian Libraries) in the OCC Studio.

Conservators of all disciplines will be happy to learn that David Pinniger has recently donated his extensive article/offprint collection to the Chantry Library. Most readers will be familiar with  Pinniger and Thompson-Webb’s interactive website ‘What’s Eating Your Collection’ and its extensive database of references on pest management, monitoring and trapping, treatment, strategy, and collections/environment. This reference collection is comprehensive and brings together many obscure publications, some anonymous, and others dating back to the beginnings of IPM. The donation includes a small collection of monographs not held by Chantry which have already been catalogued and are listed below. We hope to obtain funding to catalogue the article collection and in the near future we hope it will be possible to consult this fantastic collection of reference material.

List of Pinniger monographs now in the Chantry Library:

Åkerland, M. et al, eds.,  The 3rd Nordic Symposium on Insect Pest Control in Museums, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, 1998.

Aranyanak, C. and C. Singhasiri, eds., Biodeterioration fo Cultural Property 3, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Biodeterioration of Cultural Property, Bangkok, 1995.

Brokerhof, Agnes W., Control of Fungi and Insects in Objects and Collections of Cultural Value, 1989.

Caneva, Giulia et al, Biology in the Conservation of Works of Art, ICCROM, 1991.

Gallo, Fausta, Il Biodeterioramento di Libri e Documenti, ICCROM, 1992.

Kigawa, R., ed.,  Integrated pest Management in Asia for Meeting the Montreal Protocol, Tokyo National Research Institute of Cultural Properties, 1999.

Neher, A. and D. Rogers, eds., Pest Attack & Pest Control in Organic Materials, Postprints of UKIC Furniture Section, UKIC, 1996.

Fibres in Focus

Identification of Vegetable Fibres, Dorothy Catling & John Grayson

Identification of Vegetable Fibres, written by Dorothy Catling and John Grayson, is one of many specialist titles on the study of paper fibres. Both authors were forensic scientists and this book shows the value of forensic science research for conservators.

Detailed electron micrographs comparing the ends of important bast fibres.

Catling and Grayson’s book was recently consulted by Jasdip Singh Dhillon who is leading the “Dhan Su Kagad”, a research project that has been awarded the ICON Fred Bearman Research Grant. The project involves carrying out a survey on handmade papers on Sikh manuscripts to quantify changes seen in the physical characteristics of papers over time.

Sunn-hemp field, Crotalaria Juncea
A field of Sunn “hemp” in flower, one of the chief papermaking fibres in India, covered in extensive detail by Catling and Grayson.