June 4, 2022 – It’s National Cheese Day! 

To slightly misquote Avery Aames, of A Cheese Shop Mystery fame: ‘Libraries are great. Cheese makes them better’. The Chantry Library recently received some publications from Jane Thompson Webb and colleagues from the Birmingham Museums Trust that are certainly helping us on our ‘whey’. The Museum was undergoing refurbishment which coincided with the relocation of... Continue Reading →

Clairinsh! In praise of Alan Buchanan

Why does this post start with the battle cry of the Buchanans? To honour the life and contribution of paper conservator Alan Buchanan who sadly passed away February 2nd 2022. Alan retired from civil engineering after a career of 30 years. In 1989 he joined the last HND course (Higher National Diploma) in paper conservation... Continue Reading →

Conservation Unlocked!

The Chantry Library is housed at the Oxford Conservation Consortium and is well-used and well-loved by the eight conservators who work here. The books, journals and archives are frequently consulted to inform decision making surrounding the conservation treatments we undertake. The library is also a vital source of information to help identify materials and techniques,... Continue Reading →

Marking and labelling objects and their containers

One of our Oxford Conservation Consortium Conservators recently attended a workshop hosted by the ARA Section for Archives and Museums on Labelling Objects (and their containers) presented by Anita Hollinshead. Labelling links an object to the information held about it by the custodian institution. It should be carried out as part of the accessioning process,... Continue Reading →

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