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Identification of Vegetable Fibres, Dorothy Catling & John Grayson

Identification of Vegetable Fibres, written by Dorothy Catling and John Grayson, is one of many specialist titles on the study of paper fibres. Both authors were forensic scientists and this book shows the value of forensic science research for conservators.

Detailed electron micrographs comparing the ends of important bast fibres.

Catling and Grayson’s book was recently consulted by Jasdip Singh Dhillon who is leading the “Dhan Su Kagad”, a research project that has been awarded the ICON Fred Bearman Research Grant. The project involves carrying out a survey on handmade papers on Sikh manuscripts to quantify changes seen in the physical characteristics of papers over time.

Sunn-hemp field, Crotalaria Juncea
A field of Sunn “hemp” in flower, one of the chief papermaking fibres in India, covered in extensive detail by Catling and Grayson.


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