Chantry Library Subject Bibliographies – No. 2: Egyptian Tomb Painting by Bianca Madden


Chantry blog followers may remember a fantastic talk given by Oxford-based wall paintings conservator, Bianca Madden, on conserving Theban tomb paintings (see our post April 13 2018). We asked Bianca to contribute to our Subject Bibliographies project, and are delighted to announce that her ‘take’ on Egyptian Tomb paintings is now live on the Library website. A taster of Bianca’s introduction follows:

“The field of the conservation of Egyptian tomb paintings has, until recently, received considerably less attention and research than that of other areas of painting and wall painting conservation – this is partly due to the fact that up until the mid-20th century site-based tomb paintings were valued largely for their information, which was preserved through recording and study, and their material fate was less widely considered.”

“The books and articles suggested below cover the basic literature in the field of Egyptian paintings conservation as well as a little of the Egyptological context of the work. They pay particular attention to research and articles into the materials and techniques of construction.  The key for conservation is in understanding the materials and components of the paintings and coatings, and from that to apply conservation practice and processes on a case by case basis.”

If you’re Oxford-based, many of the works Bianca refers to are available at the Bodleian or Sackler Library.

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