Newly-catalogued: report on Milka Ternina’s dress and cloak

Being locked down presents the chance to get round to some interesting items on your “to do” list – in the Chantry Library that means cataloguing some of the more obscure titles that have come the Library’s way over the years. This short blog post is about one such volume, originating in Zagreb.


One reason it might have waited to be processed is the language – Croatian! Not one your librarian is familiar with, but with Google Translate an attempt has been made (fingers crossed).

For those interested in the conservation/restoration of clothes and textiles, a subject we the library holds material on, including a donation from donation last year by Nicola Gentle, it is a report about work on the dress and cloak of the Croatian dramatic soprano Milka Ternina (1863-1941). Amply illustrated the volume is worth a look once we are open again to readers, even if you can’t read Croatian!

Still to be classified the book can be found on SOLO here.



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  1. I am a ceramics conservator but the name (Milka- same as my mum’s) has attracted my attention!
    Please do get in touch if you need help with translation from Croatian or any other ex-Yugoslav language in the future!

    1. Thanks for the kind message and offer! Hope I have described the item accurately according to what is pictured and the contents. It’s a fun book to look through.

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