Signs of the times

As conservators – and librarians – prepare to go back to our workplaces along with much of the rest of the country we are likely to find them carefully marked up to remind us to maintain social distancing. Evidence has been spotted outside the Chantry Library (and for the avoidance of public transport).


If only this approach could be extended to other aspects of our work, for example to preventive conservation, it might open new possibilities – a more persuasive approach to “Integrated Pest Management”.Annotation 2020-07-14 165025

Fortunately – or not – this is unlikely to require a quick update of Amy Crossman and David Pinniger’s excellent new Chantry Library Subject Bibliography on IPM, mentioned in an earlier blog post, and available here.

Before more fanciful thoughts follow, we will end on a more serious note – with another quick reminder about the ICON resources and coronavirus guidance for conservators.

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