Paintings Conservators, Take Note!

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We have had a number of donations from well wishers recently and the latest comes from Irina Dolgikh who has given the Library some fantastic books on conservation of paintings.

Irina trained in painting conservation with a particular interest in icons. Her donation enhances our paintings conservation section, particularly the two conference publications, Early Italian Paintings, Techniques and Analysis, papers from a symposium held in Maastricht in October 1996, and Painted Wood: History and Conservation, papers from a symposium in Williamsburg VA in November 1994.  

We’re very grateful to Irina for these new reference books!

Bakkenist, R., Hooenbrouwers, R., H. Dubois, eds. Early Italian Paintings, Techniques and Analysis, Symposium Maastricht Oct 1996 (Maastricht: Limburg Conservation Institute, 1997).

Berger, GA and WH Russell, Conservation of Paintings, Research and Innovations (London: Archetype, 2000).

Dorge, V and FC Howlett, eds. Painted Wood: History and Conservation, Proceedings of the Wooden Artifacts Group of AIC, Williamsburg Nov 1994 (Los Angeles: Getty, 1998).

Gottsegen, MD, The Painter’s Handbook (New York: Watson-Guptill, 2006).

Kirsh, A and RS Levenson, eds. Seeing Through Paintings, Physical Examination in Art Historical Studies, Materials and Meaning in the Fine Arts, v.1 (New Haven/London: Yale).

Taft, WS and JW Mayer, The Science of Paintings (New York: Springer, 2000).

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