Chantry Library Subject Bibliographies — A new research tool offering ‘curated’ information to conservators


We are pleased to announce a new resource, the Chantry Library Subject Bibliographies. Through the bibliographies, we hope to support the work of conservators by sharing curated information in the form of an up-to-date list of relevant sources, chosen by a subject specialist. The sources will be accompanied by a descriptive, evaluative annotation to inform readers of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the works cited, making it easier to evaluate the literature on a given subject. Whether you are a conservation student, an early career conservator on the PACR Pathway, or working on CPD, we hope that the Chantry Library Subject Bibliographies will help you explore the topic of your choice.


We are very pleased that our first bibliography is by Jasdip Singh Dhillon, winner of the Book and Paper Group’s annual Frederick Bearman Research Grant, for his research into South Asian paper. To see Jasdip’s Bibliography, visit our  Subject Bibliographies page.

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