IIC 2018 Turin Congress Preprints now in the Chantry Library

Chantry Library is keeping up its run of IIC Preprints, and we’ve just received Preventive Conservation: The State of the Art. [Supplement S1 for vol. 63 of Studies in Conservation, IIC 2018 Turin Congress Preprints].

This Congress marks a return to the subject of preventive conservation for IIC, after a 24-year hiatus. In her Foreword, Sarah Staniforth notes that, in that time, preventive conservation has moved to the centre stage of heritage management. This preprint volume ‘captures’ developments in scientific understanding and practice, but also brings to the fore issues that exercise conservators. There are  almost 50 papers, some returning to subjects last covered in 1994 at the Ottawa Congress of IIC. Of particular interest for some is the paper ‘Conservation Heating 24 years On’ by Nigel Blades, Katy Lithgow, Sarah Staniforth and Bob Hayes which has been an important source of information in the control of RH in historic buildings.

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