Conservation of Photographs

In our last blogpost we highlighted the re-publication of a subject bibliography which had been previously published when the library was managed by ICON. In this blogpost we would like to draw attention to another subject bibliography which we are re-publishing, ‘The Conservation of Photographs’ by Susie Clark ACR.

Susie Clark has over three decades of experience in the conservation of photographic material. Her experience and expertise in this field has led her to teach across the world and work on some of the most historically important photographic collections. For a more detailed biography please see

Susie’s Subject Bibliography is primarily focused on publications found in the Chantry Library, which has a particularly rich collection of books and publications relating to photographs. Susie highlights some of the most important and ground-breaking publications in this field and provides clear comments on the topics covered in each publication.

The image below shows a few of the books mentioned by Susie which can be found in the Chantry Library.

Stephanie Jamieson is a paper conservator who completed a 12-month internship at the National Library of Scotland specialising in photographic materials. She summarises this Subject Bibliography in the following words:

This subject bibliography includes key publications considered essential reading by those working with photographic collections. Many of the publications listed are regularly consulted reference material, invaluable to have to hand when identifying processes and for informing preservation and conservation decisions. There is a wealth of resources here, suitable for the novice as well as the experienced professional and covering a wide variety of collection and material types. The web resources listed are particularly useful, ideal for when you need to quickly look up a specific process.

We are proud to re-publish this important bibliography for the benefit of students, curators, scholars and conservators with an interest in photographic collections.

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