Chantry Library Subject Bibliography No. 7: Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Bookbindings

We are delighted to announce a new Chantry Library Subject Bibliography by Georgios Boudalis, Head of Book and Paper Conservation at the Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki. 

This bibliography results from Boudalis’ longstanding interest in Byzantine/post-Byzantine bookbinding (along with other eastern Mediterranean binding traditions) which began with his start in conservation in 1997, working in the monastic libraries of Mount Athos. He cites as a ‘life changing’ experience his participation in Ligatus’ ground-breaking St Catherine’s Library Conservation Project with its survey of c. 3,500 bound codices.

The breadth and depth of Georgios’ research and his knowledge of the cultural and technological context in which these bookbindings sit, is an inspiration. It is truly the case that a better understanding of objects brings better conservation.

The bibliography is divided in six sections, each starting with a comment on the literature of that area, with sources arranged chronologically to allow an appreciation of the progression of knowledge and thought. It is an ideal vade mecum, a companion to lead us through the fascinating area of Byzantine binding, culture, and craftsmanship. We’re grateful to Georgios for this Bibliography and to all our contributors thus far!

 Jane Eagan, Head Conservator, OCC/Chantry Library

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