Conservation Unlocked!

The Chantry Library is housed at the Oxford Conservation Consortium and is well-used and well-loved by the eight conservators who work here. The books, journals and archives are frequently consulted to inform decision making surrounding the conservation treatments we undertake. The library is also a vital source of information to help identify materials and techniques, such as different pigments, printing processes, and binding structures, so have a look at the collection if you haven’t done so already!

The Consortium recently hosted a visit and studio tour for the Lincoln Unlocked Study School on working with early printed books. There were lots of great discussions, top tips for preservation and collection care, and online resources for those that look after historic collections but may not have access to a conservator in their library, archive, or museum.

Do have a peek at some of the treasures from Lincoln Library that have been conserved by the OCC in recent years here:

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