The Chantry Library has a complete set of IPC’s The Paper Conservator and holds a back up copy as well just in case. We have a few gaps in the second set and this month we’re very grateful to paper conservator and Camberwell alumna, Deborah Willis, for offering two issues that we were missing.

Deborah is based in Norfolk and worked privately before her retirement a few years ago; you can read about her work for the National Trust here. For a few years in the 1980s, Deborah worked at the Ashmolean Museum where she got to know Judith Chantry. She remembers chatting with Judith about becoming a paper conservator, and Judith’s meticulous conservation work and beautiful calligraphy.

Deborah has shared a lovely photo of herself in 1989 when she set up her private workshop in London.

Thanks Deborah, for thinking of the library. Our collection policy will soon be on the website – we can’t take every donation but are interested in material that completes areas of the collection.

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